The Dorling Family of Framlingham

The Dorling Family of Framlingham

Whilst researching my WW1 and WW2 Framlingham War Memorial books in 2011 and 2012 I took photos of graves in Framlingham Cemetery, as I was sure many would fit into the family trees I was compiling for each soldier’s family.

One photo I took was of the grave for the Gibbs family, as I was intrigued by the use of the name Dorling as the middle name and I was sure I had come across this surname during my research.

Now having had time to investigate further I have discovered that there is a link between the Dorling family and Hearn family that I wrote about last year.

Walters Joseph Lazell who was killed in WW1 was married to Rose Anna Hearn and had two children Henry and Lucy. Lucy married Cecil William Dorling in 1934 who was the son of Frederick and Alice Dorling (nee Hayward)

Frederick Dorling was the son of John and Emma Dorling (nee Johnson) and it was John Dorling’s brother Charles who married Elizabeth Baxter daughter of Joseph and Maria Baxter (nee Dorling). Elizabeth Baxter’s sister Maria married Charles Gibbs in 1846 and had eight children including Susan Elizabeth (1852-1902), Lancelot Dorling (1861-1933) and Eustace Dorling (1864-1903) all shown on the headstone.

On checking the 1901 census I found that the family were living in Fore Street in Framlingham with the household comprising of Maria Gibbs a widow aged 78 occupation Confectioner & Baker, Elizabeth Dorling sister of Maria aged 75 (also a widow), daughter Susan aged 49 a Confectioner, Lancelot aged 38 a Baker, Eustace aged 36 and granddaughter Lydia Gibbs aged 23 (who is also at bottom of headstone 1875-1962)

Maria Gibbs died in 1915 and would have been instrumental in erecting this headstone to the memory of her children Susan and Eustace in the cemetery.

It is interesting to see that the Dorling name used came through the family on both the father’s and mother’s line and it is always a great help in family research when a surname is used as a middle name for the children.


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Interesting ‘grave’ article feedback!

Interesting 'grave' article feedback!

I have received two lots of interesting information about an article I wrote in March 2013 called ‘Intriguing Names on a Framlingham Grave’:

First message “I have checked the India Office Records at the British Library and found that Kindred Richard Wright was a Private in HM 44th Regiment (as attached). He died of hepatitis and appears to have left at least two small sons – one of whom was born in 1877 – the year he died.”

Second message “I stumbled across your article concerning the Wright family in Framingham when researching Walter Kindred Wright and Kindred Richard Wright and their deaths in India.
My husband is the Great Grandson of Coppock Alexander who married Jessie Girling from Cratfield.

Coppock used the names of Weekes and Kindred as middle names for my husband’s grandfather. Weekes is the maiden name of Samuel’s mother.

They had already called a child Richard Kindred who had died at one day old.

Walter Kindred also died in India in Rawalpindi in 1883. Perhaps he was also in the army.

Thank you again for your article as it has filled a few more of the holes in our Family History.”

It is always a pleasure to receive any feedback from an article, but even better when it adds extra information and details to the story!


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3rd Queen’s Westminster Rifles research

3rd Queen's Westminster Rifles research

Does anyone know if the 3rd Queen’s Westminster Rifles have a museum or archive as I have an amazing WW1 framed photograph that I would like to donate to them for public exhibition – I have contacted the Imperial War Museum and several other places but no luck so far – many thanks for any help given.

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Postcard address unknown…

Postcard address unknown…

I was contacted recently by someone who had found an old postcard that had the addressee as Mrs Fallowfield, Station Road in Framlingham – they were keen to discover who this person was and if she was related to them and wondered if I could help and if this was enough information to go on!

Liking a challenge as I do I started by looking at marriage records for a Fallowfield to a girl in Framlingham (assuming she may be a local) and found a marriage record for an Agnes Mary Goodwin to a George Fallowfield in the Plomesgate Registration District in the April quarter of 1882.

So I now knew Mrs Fallowfield’s maiden name was Goodwin and could trace her birth to Framlingham and the census records before she married.

The 1871 census showed Agnes aged 15 living with her parents Charles and Mary Goodwin in Woodbridge Road in Framlingham with brothers Henry, William and Frank. George Goodwin’s occupation was shown as a Carpenter.

From this census I could now look for Agnes’s birth and found this as the July quarter of 1855 in Framlingham.

Moving forward again the 1891 and 19011 census records both showed Agnes and George living in Bury St Edmunds with their children.

In 1905 Agnes was back in Framlingham visiting her Goodwin family and it was then interesting to see that the postcard was posted from Bury St Edmunds, which matched with the census information.

The 1911 census showed George (a Draper and Shopkeeper) and Agnes now married for 28 years living with a daughter Madeline aged 26 and a son Donald aged 16 still living in Bury St Edmunds.

I finally found that Agnes Fallowfield died in the April quarter of 1926 aged 70 in Bury St Edmunds and from this discovered her probate record which gave more information about her children.

It just goes to show how much you can learn about someone from a name and address on a postcard and it is interesting to know that many postcard selling websites now sell cards not only by the picture on the front, but also by the names on the back – great if you are looking for cards to match your family tree!

Therefore it also turns out that this postcard is not connected to the person’s family tree who asked me to research it, so if a relative of the Goodwin or the Fallowfield family would like it for their family history collection please contact me and I will send it on accordingly.



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Are you related to Samuel Marjoram of Suffolk?

Are you related to Samuel Marjoram of Suffolk?

Another great item I would like to try and reunite with a family member is from the Suffolk Agricultural Association and was a prize for £2 awarded to Samuel Marjorum (think should be spelt Marjoram) on 15th June 1886 for having worked for the same farm and with the same master and mistress for 43 years.



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Are you related to Agnes Jane Clowes who died 14th March 1888?

Are you related to Agnes Jane Clowes who died 14th March 1888?

A friend has recently passed on some genealogy related items she found at an auction for me to research and one of them is the hymn sheet from the funeral on 17th March 1888 for Agnes Jane Clowes in Ashbocking Church in Suffolk.

I have so far found that Agnes Jane Clowes was born in 1836 in Caister in Norfolk and was the daughter of Thomas and Caroline Clowes. The 1881 census shows her living in Anglesey Road in Ipswich with her mother and sister Anna.

She died in 1888 aged 52 in Kensington and probate was granted to Anna her sister in Ipswich and George Archibald Clowes of Needham Market in Suffolk.

If anyone has a proven connection to Agnes Jane Clowes I will happily send on the funeral hymn sheet for their records, as it would be great to reunite it with a family member.



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Framlingham Picture Mystery

Framlingham Picture Mystery

I have always enjoyed the BBC 1 programme ‘Fake or Fortune’ and with my interest in anything Framlingham related I found a picture for sale on the internet last year and although I know it is not an ‘old master’ I bought it.

With all the demolition work in Station Road late last year the picture has become more interesting recently as to why the painter captured the view she did of the ‘Old Station’ in Framlingham.

Was she a resident of Framlingham or a visitor to the town – did she have local people in mind that she included in the picture? Did she paint it from memory or was she in situ somewhere in Station Road to paint this view?

There is information on the picture naming the painter as Joan Russell with the year shown as 1961 and a label on the back mentioning the New England Art Club and the price of 12 guineas.

I love the picture for its characters and vibrant colours and if anyone can shed any light on the painter to add to its provenance and history I would be pleased to hear from you.

Thank you

Simon Last

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