Intriguing names on a Framlingham Grave!

Intriguing names on a Framlingham Grave!

Whilst researching my Framlingham War Memorial books I visited Framlingham Cemetery a few times to see the graves and memorials of the men shown on the War Memorial – however whilst there if I saw any other gravestones that looked interesting I took photographs of them so I could come back and research them at a later date.

One such grave that intrigued me was the one pictured above which shows the names of Weeks Samuel Wright who died 4th February 1879 aged 26 years and Kindred Richard Wright who died 12th November 1877 aged 30 years. At first glance it almost looks as if the names have been engraved in the wrong order, as although it was common to give the parents’ names to children, particularly the mother’s maiden name as a middle name, it was more unusual to give them as first names.

I have discovered that Weeks was the middle name of their father Samuel Weeks Wright and that Kindred came from their mother Eliza Kindred.
Samuel and Eliza Wright had six other children called Eliza Anne, Walter Kindred, Edith Elizabeth, Thomas James, Coppock Alexander and Annetta.

On the 1871 census the family were living in Castle Street in Framlingham and Samuel’s occupation was a Pianoforte Tuner and in 1881 he is shown as a Music Master.

The other thing that caught my eye on the gravestone was that Kindred Richard Wright died in Tumulgherry in East India in 1877 – records show that a Richard Wright died on the 12th November and was buried on the 13th November in Madras, although no cause of death was given.
Trimulgherry (as it is spelt) is a major suburb of Secunderabad in India. Historically, Secunderabad constituted a combination of three villages namely, Trimulgherry, Bowenpally and Marredpally. It has some historic buildings built during the British era like an old British Jail and a Medical college.

On researching India in 1877 I discovered that this was the year that Queen Victoria was made Empress of India and although this led to great celebrations in India, millions of Indians were perishing in the famine that was going on then.

I have so far been unable to establish the reason why Kindred Richard Wright was in India and maybe he was part of the British Army based there, but if anyone has any extra information about him I would be interested to hear from you.

Simon Last – Charnwood Genealogy

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4 Responses to Intriguing names on a Framlingham Grave!

  1. That’s an interesting story and naming pattern. Is the main picture of your blog Salvation Army members?

  2. Yes it is the Salvation Army Band in Framlingham in Suffolk and in the photograph are my Great Grandfather Joseph Last and his brother George Last

  3. Beverly Hallam says:

    I have checked the India Office Records at the British Library and find Kindred Richard Wright was a Private in HM 44th Regt. He died of hepatitis and appears to have left at least two small sons – one of whom was born in 1877 -the year he died. I shall email you with further details.

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