Old postcard research!

Old postcard research!

I recently bought an old postcard on EBay which had written on the back ‘With very best wishes and remembrances of Easton – Hester Blois’

Having a curious mind and links to Suffolk I thought I would investigate and discovered the following information about Hetser and her family:

Hester’s husband was Reverend Gervase Vanneck Blois and he was born on 25th August 1881. He was the son of Sir John Ralph Blois and Eliza Ellen Chapman. He married Hon. Hester Murray Pakington daughter of Herbert Perrot Murray Pakington, 3rd Baron Hampton and Evelyn Nina Frances Baker on 21st April 1914.

They had five children:

Evelyn Hester Blois Baroness Macleod of Borver born 19th February 1915
Margaret Elaine Blois born 14th July 1916
Anthony Gervase Blois born 11th July 1918
Elizabeth Mary Blois born 20th October 1921
Captain David Pakington Blois born 27th June 1923

Their father Gervase Blois fought in the Second World War and was Chaplain of the Forces. He was also vicar at the following places:

Framilode, Gloucestershire
Whitminster, Gloucestershire
Fretherne, Gloucestershire

I also discovered that there is a very similar portrait of Hester and her daughter Margaret by Bassano dated 20th October 1920 hanging in the National Potrait Gallery in London.


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