Brick Wall – Missing Great Grandmother!

Brick Wall - Missing Great Grandmother!

I am seeking help with my own research as I’ve hit a brick wall several years ago in tracing details of my great grandmother’s birth. Edith Rosa Sinclair married Walter Ernest Crisp on 5th April 1915 in Islington, London. The marriage certificate shows her age as 25, her father as Edward Sinclair deceased who was a commercial clerk and her place of residence as 44 Upper Park Street.

My great grandmother died on the 29th January 1954 in Ipswich Borough General Hospital in Ipswich Suffolk and the death certificate records her age as 64. If either of the recorded ages are correct, her birth should be sometime between 1889 and 1901, but I can’t find any trace of her either on the 1901 or 1911 census or relevant birth index.

No one within my family knows much about her life before she married in 1915 and although it has been mentioned that she possibly came from Scotland I have also been unable to find her in Scottish records.
Her daughter my grandmother died tragically young aged 53 in 1967 the mother of six children, who would like to know more about their grandmother’s history and family.

I am therefore stuck with this line of my research and would appreciate any suggestions or help. I attach a photograph of Edith Rosa Sinclair taken with two of her children Doris and Walter.

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