My Polish Ancestry discovered!

My Polish Ancestry discovered!

I am currently preparing a talk about my Polish genealogy and ancestors for a talk to the South East Essex Branch of the Jewish Genealogical Society in May and I am looking at all my old family photographs and research notes and remembering when I visited Poland and the Ukraine in May 2010 to carry out research and as this is bringing back so many memories I thought I would share a photograph of my Great Grandfather Stefan and his three sisters with you!

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3 Responses to My Polish Ancestry discovered!

  1. Welcome to Geneabloggers! I wish you great success with your new blog 🙂

  2. Discovering my own Polish ancestry has been such a challenge that, when I saw your title here, I was immediately drawn to it. How I envy you that opportunity you had to actually do research in Poland. In my family, I’ve discovered quite a reticence among my immigrant ancestors to even admit their ethnic origin. I don’t know if that was owing to their personal experience, or a tendency shared by many others of Polish extraction. It would be interesting to compare notes on this…

    I found your blog today, thanks to a mention in GeneaBloggers. Best wishes as you continue your blogging and research projects!

  3. Jacqui, Thanks for your message and for reading my blog – I always though tracing my Polish roots would be really hard, but one I had some information and with the help of a Polish Genealogist I was surprised how much I could discover and also how many records still survived in the Archives in Poland. My Grandfather’s family had a terrible time in Poland during World War 2 and were sent to Siberia and the whole family were split up – however with help of a group called Kresy Siberia and their members who were so helpful I was also able to find information and records regarding this time in their lives too – the website is
    If I can help or offer you any other information please let me know.
    Best wishes

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