Genealogy Gold – Obituary with lots of names!

Genealogy Gold - Obituary with lots of names!

Framlingham Weekly News: 31 August 1929 Obituary

Carrying out some Framlingham research today it is always great when you can find an obituary that has lots of family information and names – especially as the deceased had 17 children!

Ann HALL died on 25 Aug 1929 in Framlingham, Suffolk, England

Endeared to the hearts of everyone as a woman of an exceptionally lovable disposition and charming personality, the announcement of the death of Mrs. Hall, wife of Mr. George hall, Double Street, was received with widespread expressions of regret and sympathy. Deceased was the mother of seventeen children, twelve of who are living. At the funeral on Thursday, the majority of them were among the following mourners present:- The husband, Messrs. Charles, Henry, Arthur, Frank, Percy and Stanley Hall (sons), Mrs. Walter Read and Mrs. Arthur Sullivan (daughters), Mr W. Hall, Saxmundham (brother-in-law), Mrs W. Brooks, Ipswich (niece), Mr Stephen and Miss Mary Sullivan (grandson and granddaughter), Mrs. C. Hall, Mrs A. Hall, Mrs P. Hall, and Mrs S. Hall, (daughters-in-law), Mr W. Read and Mr F. Davey (sons-in-law). Floral tributes were from – The husband, Charlie, Laura, Gladys and Jim, Minnie and Walter, Alice and family, Henry and family, frank and family, Gertie, Fred and Wallie, Arthur and Florrie, Percy and Gertie, Stanley and Ella, Uncle Harry, Elsie and Will, Cousin Nellie, Mr and Mrs John Self, Miss Pepper, Mrs Newson and family, Mrs Merritt, Mr and Mrs W. Green, Mrs Reeve and family, Mrs Leek and Mrs Neeve. Mr George Hall and family wish to express sincere thanks for kind expressions of sympathy and for floral tributes.

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  1. Sounds like you hit the jackpot!

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