Name your location….

Name your location....

There was a very interesting article in last Thursday’s East Anglian Daily Times newspaper asking ‘Where do you think your surname is most likely to be found?’

A new map showing not towns and roads, but family names has been produced by a team of London academics.

I was therefore very pleased to see my surname LAST on the Suffolk section of the map (as shown) almost right in the postion of Framlingham and Parham in Suffolk where my own LAST ancestors originate from.

For more of my LAST surname information check out

The newspaper article describes the meaning of some other Suffolk names as follows:

CATCHPOLE – First recorded pre-1050 in Anglo-Saxon writings as Caccepol. Trade name for a catcher of fowl from debtors – later a debt collector.

GARNHAM – Norman French nickname for wearing a moustache. It is 100% Suffolk and comes originally from Bacton.

GIRLING – Norman French nickname Coeur de lion, which in turn became girdling and then Girling.

GOODERHAM – The name of the first Danish ruler of East Anglia, so descended from ancient royal stock.

SQUIRRELL – Norman French – A nickname for someone lively and agile

To see more of the map check out for the interactive version or to see the full article.


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