Mystery Cambridge photos – great results from genealogy friends!

Mystery Cambridge photos - great results from genealogy friends!

At the weekend I acquired two amazing old photographs from a Charity Shop in Suffolk and they are taken by a photographer Stearn & Sons in Cambridge and seem to have links to the Cambridge University Rowing team – I am investigating the names (PEF appears in both photos) but if anyone can help with any further information at this stage I would be pleased to hear from them!

I read the names on the back of one of the photogaphs from 1921 as follows:

Names on back left to right – McIntree, SE Schofield, BM Havoie, Harricks, PEF, Worfold, DR Roseveare, Fraser, Peile, P Glough cox

I posted this message on my facebook page!/CharnwoodGenealogy

on Tuesday and within minutes received some fascinating information and replies from other genealogy friends – the power of the internet!

1st Trinity won the Lent Bumps in 1921 – see

If you search “S E Schofield cambridge boat” you will find him in the book “THE HISTORY OF CHRIST’S COLLEGE BOAT” which you can download it in PDF from

BINGO – same book has 2nd Lent boat for Christ’s College 1921 : 2nd Lent Boat. W. B. Harvie (bow), R. L. Mclntire, S. E. Schofield, N. S. Harricks, J. K. Peile, P. E. Fisher, E. M. Fraser, C. P. Worsfold (stroke), P. H. Clough (cox) – my names spelt correctly!!

I then heard from another contact and he believes that the building in the background is the Fellows Building in Christ’s College Cambridge.

It is amazing when you can get information and answers so quickly which a few years ago would have taken a lot longer to discover!!

Thanks everyone for your help to date, which is very much appreciated.

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