‘Kitten’ CARVER of Framlingham!

'Kitten' CARVER of Framlingham!

Knowing my previous research into the Framingham men who died in World War 1, I was recently sent a copy of a newspaper article dated 10th November 1973 by Tish King regarding the World War 1 story of a resident of Framlingham called ‘Kitten’ CARVER who survived the War and came back to Suffolk.

Liking a mystery as I do, I decided to try and find out more about ‘Kitten’ CARVER and his life and family in Framlingham before he went off to fight for his Country in World War 1.

However I have looked for CARVER’s in Framlingham on the 1911 census and have not found a family or individual that could possibly match and therefore wonder if he came from another village or town to work on a farm in Framlingham between 1911 and 1914.

It is a fascinating story of bravery and survival and if anyone can help to shed any light on who ‘Kitten’ CARVER was and possibly why he was known as ‘Kitten’ then I would be very interested to hear from you.

Many thanks

Simon Last

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