Medal Link to WW1 Framlingham Soldier and my own family tree…

Medal Link to WW1 Framlingham Soldier and my own family tree…

I was recently contacted by a gentleman called Mike who had found my contact details and information about my Framlingham WW1 book by simply entering the name on a WW1 medal he had recently acquired into the internet.

Mike is a collector of WW1 medals and is now the custodian of the British War Medal awarded to Frederick Shortland who was killed in action on 3rd January 1915 aged 29 in France. The medal he has came to him as a “single” and therefore he assumes that Frederick’s 1914 Star, Victory Medal and bronze plaque were split up long ago.

He asked if I had any more information about the Shortland family and was keen to purchase a copy of my book. Mike was therefore more than surprised that not only did I have the information about Frederick in my book, but also knew much more about the family as Frederick’s sister Florence Shortland had married my Great Uncle George Last on the 26th December 1905 in St Michael’s Church in Framlingham.

Frederick Shortland is remembered on his mother’s grave in Framlingham cemetery and I was able to send Mike a photo of the grave to add to his medal collection information and he in return was able to send me a photograph of Frederick’s medal.

That is one of the pleasures of family research you never know what one line of research may turn up at the time or months later lead to a new breakthrough, discovery or contact!

I am now looking forward to seeing what 2014 brings!!

Simon Last

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