Interesting ‘grave’ article feedback!

Interesting 'grave' article feedback!

I have received two lots of interesting information about an article I wrote in March 2013 called ‘Intriguing Names on a Framlingham Grave’:

First message “I have checked the India Office Records at the British Library and found that Kindred Richard Wright was a Private in HM 44th Regiment (as attached). He died of hepatitis and appears to have left at least two small sons – one of whom was born in 1877 – the year he died.”

Second message “I stumbled across your article concerning the Wright family in Framingham when researching Walter Kindred Wright and Kindred Richard Wright and their deaths in India.
My husband is the Great Grandson of Coppock Alexander who married Jessie Girling from Cratfield.

Coppock used the names of Weekes and Kindred as middle names for my husband’s grandfather. Weekes is the maiden name of Samuel’s mother.

They had already called a child Richard Kindred who had died at one day old.

Walter Kindred also died in India in Rawalpindi in 1883. Perhaps he was also in the army.

Thank you again for your article as it has filled a few more of the holes in our Family History.”

It is always a pleasure to receive any feedback from an article, but even better when it adds extra information and details to the story!


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One Response to Interesting ‘grave’ article feedback!

  1. Jana Last says:

    Wonderful work Simon!

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