3rd Westminster Rifles photograph has new home!

WW1 Photo

I have been asked how big the photograph of the 3rd Queens Westminster Rifles was and here is a photo to show the whole photo in its frame – it was delivered to a new permanent home at the Westminster Archives in London on Tuesday so that it can be viewed by many more people and possibly relatives of the soldiers featured in it.

Today I have received a lovely letter from the Westminster Archives thanking me for arranging the delivery of the donated photograph of the 3rd Westminster Rifles and they have also been able to discover some more information about it as follows:

“We did find some information about the 3rd battalion. They were a training battalion used to train recruits for the 1st and 2nd Battalions. Consequently the 3rd Battalion as a unit never served outside England so this picture was taken in England and not France. The photographers name was on the photo and gave an address as Sandwell in the Midlands. I imagine the picture was taken at the end of a training exercise.

A basic summary found online of the 3rd Battalion’s war is copied for you below. As the 3rd Battalion was renamed after 8 April 1916 and I know that the 2nd Battalion was acting as the reserve at the beginning of the war, I would date this photo to 1915.

The 3/16th County of London Battalion (Queen’s Westminster Rifles) (Territorial Force) was formed in Nov 1914 at Richmond Park and placed in billets for the winter. In Jan 1916 it was sent to Winchester. On 8 Apr 1916 it was retitled 16th Reserve Battalion. On 1 Sep 1916 the battalion was assigned to 2nd London Reserve Brigade. In Dec 1917 it moved to Wimbledon and the newly formed 3rd London Reserve Brigade (TF). The 16th Reserve Battalions remained at Wimbledon.”

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