Framlingham in the snow!

As part of my history and genealogy work I collect old postcards and was pleased to recently find two postcards showing Framlingham in the snow – both postcards are photographs taken by John Self – one card was posted on 29th December 1906 and the other on January 27th 1907.

Bridge Street Framlingham snow

I therefore wondered if these photographs were part of a set taken by John Self, possibly in the winter of 1905 /1906 and l decided to research old copies of the Framlingham Weekly News to see if winter weather and snow had been reported and although not connected to my postcards, I found this fascinating article from 1908 entitled:


The skating public in Framlingham were in high glee on Monday by the                   announcement that a skating carnival would be held on the mere that evening.   This was inaugurated by some enthusiastic devotees of this exhilarating sport and was entirely successful.

They are to be congratulated on having been favoured so well by the ‘Clerk of the Weather’, who was kind enough to keep off the thaw till the following day, the public evidently meant to make the most of it while the frost lasted.    Though advertised to be a fancy dress carnival, there was a great predominance of undisguised skaters, only about a score of costumes being seen.

The vast expanse of ice was in perfect condition and the bright moonlight night was well suited for the purpose.   The volunteer band enlivened the proceedings with well-known selections and fires and coloured lights here and there added to the   general effect.  Those who had not mastered the intricacies of skating, regaled themselves by sliding, this form of enjoyment being indulged in by persons of both sexes, many of whom are passed middle life, and who no doubt had to pay for their indulgence by numerous topples and an attack of stiffness the following day.

Framlingham Weekly News:  18th January 1908

Now I would love to find an old photograph of this event if one exists!

Simon Last

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