Who was Ada – photo mystery?

Whilst researching my family tree with the surnames LAST, DIX, CRISP and SINCLAIR who were all based around Framlingham, Parham and the surrounding villages and I discovered in a box of old photographs the attached photo which says on the back:

Ada – 1 Mills Almshouses Station Road in Framlingham in Suffolk

 Mills Almhouses

 I know that the younger lady on the right is my grandmother Doris Edith LAST and that the photo was taken approximately between 1930 and 1940, guessing at her age in the photograph to when she was born in 1914 and the older lady I think is my great grandmother Edith Rosa CRISP who lived at 10 Bridge Street with her husband Walter.

10 Bridge Street 1

10 Bridge Street in Framlingham in Suffolk

 I am therefore trying to find out who Ada was, as she was obviously quite important to the family to have a photograph taken at that time.

Does anyone know who Ada was?

Does anyone have any information on the family names LAST, DIX, CRISP or SINCLAIR in Suffolk that they would be willing to share to help me with my family research?

Any help given will be greatly appreciated.

Thank you

Simon Last



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