Half a Century on the Railway – Beccles Funeral of Mr C DIX

Following on from my recent research into the death of George DIX who was tragically killed in a railway accident in 1890, I have now discovered new information about another DIX relative who worked for half a century on the railways.

Chester DIX my Great Great Uncle was born in the September quarter of 1873 in Dunwich in Suffolk and was the brother of my Great Grandmother Ellen Louise LAST (nee DIX)

Chester married Thirza Elizabeth BRUNDLE on the 30th September 1896 in London and they had four children Ivy, Frederick, Daisy and Cecil.

The census reports show Chester working on the railway and his obituary from the newspaper after his death on 24th April 1949 is titled:

Chester Dix Obituary


‘A native of Dunwich Mr DIX joined the old G.E.R Railway at Marlesford near Framlingham as a Porter in 1890. He occupied that position at various stations for eight years. In 1898 he was ordered to Beccles as a Signalman.

Parham Station 002

However as the box was open for only three months he was transferred to Geldeston as a Porter – Signalman.

1911 Census Chester DIX

In 1912 he was transferred to Beccles Swing Bridge as relief Signalman. He remained there until 1920 when he was appointed ticket collectors at Beccles Junction Station.

After three years in that capacity Mr DIX returned to the Swing Bridge as Signalman. In 1926 he was moved to Wickham Market Junction Box, but sustained an injury which led to his return to Beccles in 1927. From the until his retirement in 1938 he was one of the gate-keepers at Grove Road crossing’

Yet again the old newspaper archive has proved invaluable in discovering more about my relative and his 50 year link to the railways of Suffolk.

Simon Last




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One Response to Half a Century on the Railway – Beccles Funeral of Mr C DIX

  1. Jana Last says:

    Wow! 50 years! That’s amazing!

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