Investigating more family death cards – William LAST & Ethel Maud DIX

Following on from my recent research into the death cards and causes of death for George and John DIX I have now researched further the remaining two cards I have.

William LAST was my Great Great Grandfather and he died in Parham on 5th December 1902 aged 62 – on ordering his death certificate I have found out that he died from Typhoid Fever.

william     William Last death cert

William was a Thatcher and was involved with thatching many of the cottages in and around the village of Parham.

Last Property 010

Thatched cottage in Parham

Ethel Maud DIX was my first cousin two times removed and her death card says that she died after a long and painful illness on 22nd March 1919 aged 32 – her death certificate shows that she died in Parham from Pulmonary Tuberculosis, often referred to as consumption.

ethel  Ethel Maud Dix death cert

I have also discovered that Ethel had a six year old son Horace Leonard DIX who was born on 28th January 1913 and when she died he was brought up by other members of the extended DIX family.

The informant on the death certificate was her younger sister Violet Dolly DIX who was only aged 19 at the time.

I have found these death cards fascinating to research and I am so grateful that someone preserved them within the family.

Simon Last            

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