Did they or didn’t they? – George SOLE & Eliza BARKER

Whilst searching the parish registers of St Michael’s Church in Framlingham today I was intrigued to find the following marriage entry:

25th December 1865 George SOLE full age (bachelor) clerk in the goods station off. Eliza BARKER full age (Spinster) of Framlingham

Groom’s father –

Bride’s father – Samuel BARKER

And then the following addendum:

Please note this entry in the register was crossed out with the flowing note:-

N.B. the banns were published 3 times but the parties did not present themselves at the church for the marriage G.A. Rector

George Sole marriage 1866

Bearing in mind that the wedding date was 25th December Christmas Day I bet the Rector was none too pleased!!

I have then looked to see if George SOLE and Eliza BARKER married at a later date, but can find no evidence for this.

However I have found George SOLE  in the 1861 aged 21 (born in Cambridge) living as a Lodger in Framlingham and working as a Railway Porter – strangely however I  have been unable to find no trace of him still living in Framlingham in the 1871 census!

George Sole 1861 census

I wonder why the marriage didn’t happen and will have to see what other information I can find!




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