Another postcard find! – Miss Annie LAST of East End Farm, Stonham Aspall, Suffolk

Many postcard sellers now list postcards for sale not only by the picture on the front but also by the name and address of the receipiant on the back, which is great for all of us that are carrying out a One Name Study into a surname. However some surnames are easier to search than others with LAST not being one of those, because as soon as you enter the word LAST into the search options many other items appear containing this word!

However last week I thought I would have another go at this search and after trawling through many unrelated items I struck gold and found a postcard listed addressed to Miss Annie LAST of East End Farm in Stonham Aspall in Suffolk – as it was a ‘Buy it Now’ item I wasted no item and pushed the button.

image image

The postcard duly arrived in the post with a postmark form 1904 and a pleasant scene of Blackpool Sands on the front – immediately I started my investigations into Annie LAST to find out more about her and her family and to see if we were linked in any way!

Annie was born in 1875 in Combs in Suffolk the daughter of George and Maria Thirza LAST (nee FEARVEARYEAR) who married in 1863 – the 1891 and 1901 census records show Annie living in Stonham Aspall in Suffolk with siblings including William, Ellen, Harry, Laura, Mabella, Benjamin, Frank, Alice and George.

As the postcard had been sent from Blackpool by a Nellie could this have been her sister Ellen?

I then looked to see if Annie appeared in my own extended family tree, which she did and it appears she is my 5th cousin 2x removed – however it appears that her mother Maria FEARVEARYEAR’s line also has a LAST connection as her Grandmother was a Frances LAST who was 2nd cousin 5x removed!

As  I have struck lucky on eBay with two family related postcards in the last fortnight I am keeping my fingers crossed to discover a third one with a connection!

Simon LAST

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