Fifty Years as Organist – update

Further to my recent blog  about Mr and Mrs T J Wright who had been organists at St Michael’s Church in Framlingham for fifty years, I have received some new information about the family.
John Bridges from the Framlingham Historical Society has very kindly sent me some items from the James Breese Collection that mentions the family.
Thomas’s father Samuel W Wright had a Music Warehouse in Wells Close Square in Framlingham (where the Paddy and Scotts Café is now situated) and the receipt below dated 19th March 1892 gives a lot of detail about the business.

From James Breese Collection

John also very kindly sent me a programme from a concert in the Castle Hall in Framlingham from Monday 10th February 1868, which states that Samuel W Wright has great pleasure in announcing his Annual Concert of Vocal and Instrumental Music.
The conductor is Mr S W Wright and the Piano Forte is played by Mr G Sothern and Miss Wright.
From John BridgesThese documents prove that the Wright family played a large part in the musical life of Framlingham for many years and is with thanks to the James Breese Collection that they have been saved for future generations to see.
Simon Last

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