More SPINDLER postcards with a family link discovered!

Further to my blog post in April about a postcard I had found on eBay sent to a Lewis SPINDLER who is connected to my paternal Great Grandmother’s  family tree in Westleton and Dunwich in Suffolk, I have been really pleased to find another three postcards this time sent to Mrs L SPINDLER.

It is great because the senders have dated all three postcards:

The first is dated 10th April 1913 and appears to be sent from Canada – possibly showing the sender on front in photograph:

Spindler 1 12 6 15  Spindler 1 reverse 12 6 15

The second is dated 1st August 1918 arranging a meeting at 2pm on the following day:

Spindler 3 12 6 15  Spindler 3 reverse 12 6 15

The third is dated 1st January 1919 and has an interesting photograph on the front:

Spindler 2 12 6 15  Spindler 2 reverse 12 6 15

I am now investigating further, but believe all these postcards were sent to Lewis SPINDLER’s wife Ada either by Lewis or other family members – I will keep you updated on anything I discover!


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