Bloomville Hall Hacheston Suffolk – Postcard Research

A few months ago I bought a postcard listed as being from Hacheston in Suffolk, which had Bloomville Hall Hacheston written on the front.

Bloomville Hall Hacheston  Bloomville Hall Hacheston reverse

After searching the British Newspaper Archive website using this name I have been able to find various death and marriage notices, which mention Bloomville Hall in Hacheston and give an insight into the families that have lived there over the years.

Firstly I found the marriage on 6th May 1851 between Thomas ROSE and Harriet Anne HANBURY widow of Edward HANBURY Esq. of Bloomville Hall and sixth daughter of John COBBOLD Esq,

10 May 1851 Ipswich Journal

Ipswich Journal -Saturday 10th May 1851

Next I found an entry dated 2nd May 1873 announcing the death of Mary BARTHROPP in her 82nd year the only daughter of Nathaniel BARTHROPP of Bloomville Hall

6 May 1873 Ipswich Journal

Ipswich Journal – Tuesday 6th May 1873

From 6th May 1873 I found the death notice for William Woodger THURLOW the dearly beloved son of Thomas William and Amy THURLOW of Bloomville Hall aged 7 months and 13 days

11 September 1880 Ipswich Journal

Ipswich Journal – Saturday 11th September 1880

Finally I found a death from 23rd December 1900 for Thomas William THURLOW formerly of Bloomville Hall Hacheston aged 56 years

 29 December 1900 Ipswich Journal

Ipswich Journal – Saturday 29th December 1900

My next job is to check out all the census documents relating to Hacheston and Bloomville Hall, but these newspaper announcements have given me some really interesting names as a starting point.

I will keep you updated on developments and any new discoveries!

Simon Last

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