Floods in Framlingham!

I have recently found this old postcard of the floods in Framlingham taken by John Self outside Bonney’s Bakery at the bottom of Fore Street – it was a while before I noticed the two gentlemen standing on the wall outside the cottage!

Framlingham Flood 1905

I was intrigued to see if I could find any information or reports about floods in Framlingham over the years in the local newspapers and although I believe the postcard photograph was taken in 1905, I found an interesting report from the Framlingham Weekly News of Saturday 26th August 1865.

Framlingham Weekly News 26 8 1865

A Flood! Such was the heavy fall of rain on Wednesday night and Thursday morning last, that the Mere was completely flooded and presented such a sight as rarely seen in winter!

The road at Saxtead Bottoms was quite impassable to pedestrians for several hours. This unfavourable weather will render most of the cut barley useless for anything but feeding purposes on the farm; and what wheat has not been got under cover, which we are sorry to find is not by any means a small quantity, will be almost, if not entirely spoiled.

Such a circumstance in the midst of harvest operations is not remembered by the oldest inhabitant of Framlingham. What, with high priced meat and the prospect of a dear soft loaf, will the poor husbandmen do with their largesses? We trust they will see the propriety of putting it by on account of these rainy days.

In August 1865 this amount of rain during the summer months seems to have been such a rarity – how times have changed!

Simon Last

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