WW1 Postcard Research – Nathaniel Thomas ROPER

I have recently bought a group of WW1 postcards on EBay and as always when they arrive I am just as intrigued by the names and addresses on the back, as much as the pictures or photos on the front – someone recently said in a comment on Twitter ‘Just one postcard keeps Simon Last out of mischief!’ – how right they are!

Several of these WW1 postcards were sent to a Mr and Mrs John BAKER from their son Jack, so I am now investigating to see if he survived the war or to try and find out any other information I can about his family.

Postcard 1 Postcard 1 reverse

Postcard 2   Postcard 3

Amongst the postcards was also a photo postcard of the WW1 grave of T ROPER who died on 1st May 1917 in Salonika – I have found his Commonwealth War Graves Commission Certificate which shows his service number as 16124 and that he was part of the 11th Battalion of the Worcestershire Regiment.

His full name was Nathaniel Thomas ROPER and he died on 1st May 1917 aged 20 – he was the son of Henry and Ellen ROPER of 103 Upper Green Lane, Birchills, Walsall,Staffordshire and he was a native of Kingswinford, Dudley in Worcestershire.

He is Remembered with Honour at Sarigol Military Cemetery in Kriston.

Postcard 4

I have also found him and his family on the 1911 census where Nathaniel and his father Henry’s occupations are shown as Carriage and Wagon Drivers – he also has a sister called Elsie aged 10.

His mother’s full name is Ellen Elizabeth and it states that Henry and Ellen ROPER had had 7 children, 6 of whom were still living.

1911 Census

More investigation is needed into the family of Nathaniel Thomas ROPER, but I have already managed to locate his name in four family trees on Ancestry and have sent them all a message asking if they would like a copy of this postcard for their family records and history – I hope someone replies as I would be delighted if I was contacted about a link to my own family tree.

I will keep you updated!




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