Another postcard find – Parham Vicarage 11th July

I found and bought this old postcard over the weekend entitled Parham Vicarage 11th July – it is postmarked 1916, but I have been unable to find a specific reference to a Parham Fete in the old newspapers in this year.

Parham Vicarage Fete 11th July  Parham Vicarage Fete 11th July reverse

Parham Vicarge

However Fete’s were regularly held at Parham Vicarage and I have found articles from 1918, 1921 and 1927 which give an idea of the numbers attending and money raised.

FWN Parham Fete Saturday 3rd August 1918

Framlingham Weekly News – Saturday 3rd August 1918

FWN Parham Fete Saturday 23 July 1921

Framlingham Weekly News – Saturday 23rd July 1921

FWN Parham Fete Saturday 13 August 1927

Framlingham Weekly News – Saturday 13th August 1927

If anyone has any stories or other old photographs of these Fetes in the village it would be great to hear from you.


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