UPDATE: Old postcards of Dunwich in Suffolk

My Paternal Great Grandmother Ellen Louise DIX’s family originated from Dunwich in Suffolk, famous for being the town that disappeared under the sea.

Therefore I am always on the lookout for old postcards of the village, although these seem to be very hard to track down!!

However I have recently been lucky with two great finds having discovered an old postcard of the village showing the Ship Hotel and the village stores and also one of the village school.

UPDATE: I have now been contacted with information about this Ship Hotel postcard which had incorrectly been sold to me as a Dunwich postcard and now know that it is fact the Ship Hotel in Saxilby in Lincolnshire, which is sadly now closed down. This all makes sense now as the postcard was sent to an address in Lincoln – many thanks to Richard for this information and additional research, which is very much appreciated.

Ship Hotel in Saxilby in Lincolnshire while still open

Postcard front 15 12 15

Postcard reverse 15 12 15

Dunwich School

Back of Dunwich School postcard

I am going to research these two postcards in more detail, but if anyone has any information about these images or has any other old photographs of Dunwich that they would be willing to share, it would be great to hear from you.

Simon Last





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2 Responses to UPDATE: Old postcards of Dunwich in Suffolk

  1. Richard West says:

    Hi Simon,

    I was searching for old pictures of my area and came across your page showing a postcard purporting to be of the Ship at Dunwich. Knowing Dunwich fairly well I could see immediately that it was not the Ship at Dunwich.
    Rather than just let you know that it was wrong, I started digging.

    The Clues.
    The pub name “Ship Hotel”,
    Advertising “Newark Ales and Stout”,
    Posted to someone in Heighington near Lincoln,
    The franking mark contains “SAX”
    The photo taken from the opposite side of some water. (See reflections in foreground.)

    I used Google Maps and Streetview to search likely places and eventually found the Fossdyke Canal in Saxilby and a view of a derelict building with an empty pub sign outside.


    Another quick search gave me an old photo of the same building and hey presto, it used to be called the Ship.

    The chimneys match, the widow and door spacings match, the railings and low wall match. The building to the left has been much modified but the doorways and lower windows match and it is set forward from the pub just as on the postcard. And of course it is by the Fossdyke.

    I am 100% sure that I have found the correct location and have had several hours of enjoyable sleuthing finding it.

    Richard (Sherlock) West.

    • Hi Richard (Sherlock)

      Many thanks for your message and all the research that you have carried out into the Dunwich postcard, which I had bought from a postcard dealer believing it to be Suffolk, so it is fascinating to learn the true location of the Ship Hotel. It is very much appreciated and I will update my blog post accordingly to reflect this and thank you for your time in contacting me.

      Kind regards

      Simon Last

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