A Christmas request in Framlingham from 100 years ago

Whilst researching the old Framlingham Weekly News newspapers online for my WW1 research, this article from Saturday 18th December 1915 caught my eye…

Framlingham Weekly News - Saturday 18th December 1915

The Military in Framlingham

Efforts to ensure for them a Happy Christmas

A movement has been set on foot to entertain the troops stationed in Framlingham on Christmas day. The under mentioned leaflet has been circulated in the town and neighbourhood and we are pleased to state it has been met with a most hearty response. The Committee of Management are acting with the full approval and support of the Office Commanding and Officers of the Brigade, who are doing their utmost to further the scheme in every possible way.


For the first time in Framlingham’s History we shall have the Soldiers of His Imperial Majesty’s Army quartered in this town on Christmas Day.

If our reputation for hospitality is to be maintained, it is our duty and pleasure to see that every soldier in this town participates in the Christmas Festivities in the various quarters they occupy or elsewhere.

The loyal inhabitants of Framlingham know well where these mothers’ sons and husbands will be in a few weeks’ time – fighting our battles abroad in order to maintain our comforts at home. Let us make it our business to see that they all have a Happy Christmas.

  • Will you entertain the men billeted with you for Dinner and Tea on Christmas Day?
  • Will you take one or more men in to Dinner and Tea on Christmas Day?


A Member of the Committee appointed to carry out the proposal will call to hear your feelings and wishes on or before 6 o’clock p.m. on Thursday next, the 16th inst.

Every host and hostess will have intimation on Wednesday at latest of the number and names of the men who will accept their kind hospitality.

It would be fascinating to know how many local people got involved and what stories were shared over Dinner and Tea on Christmas Day in 1915.

Simon Last



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