A Christmas request in Framlingham from 100 years ago continued…

Further to my recent blog  ‘A Christmas request in Framlingham from 100 years ago’ I was interested to see if there was a follow up article to this in the Framlingham Weekly News, which there was dated Saturday 1st January 1916:

 Framlingham Weekly News - Saturday 1st January 1916

Our Christmas Guests


The Committee wish to express their sincere thanks to those ladies and gentlemen who so wholeheartedly supported their efforts on Christmas-day both by their personal entertainment and financial assistance, thus consummating the most memorable Christmas-day known in Framlingham’s history. The satisfaction so widely expressed by both the entertainers and the entertained leaves no doubt as to the magnificent success achieved.


From the Officer Commanding the 2/3rd London Brigade R.F.A

To the Christmas Entertaining Committee, Framlingham

The N.C.O.’s and men of this Brigade desire me to express to you, representing the townspeople of Framlingham, their sincere thanks for the hospitality shown to them on Christmas-day.

They thoroughly enjoyed the day, and are very grateful to you for having given them so much pleasure at a time unavoidably spent away from their homes.

I desire also to add my own thanks and that of the Officers of this Brigade.


O.C. 2/3rd London Brigade R.F.A

Framlingham, 30th December 1915

I am sure you will agree that it is fascinating to read about the Framlingham people’s wholehearted response to this Christmas request from 100 years ago.

Simon Last



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2 Responses to A Christmas request in Framlingham from 100 years ago continued…

  1. Sheryl says:

    It’s nice to see that they had more receipts than expenditures, and were able to make a donation to support the Local War Hospital Supply Depot.

  2. Janice Brown says:

    Does it seem to you like people in past years were more thoughtful about away from home military than they are today?

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