1906 Postcard lovers secret code!

Having recently obtained another bundle of postcards just before Christmas on closer inspection, I was interested to find two sent to a Gunner COONEY in Sheerness in Kent – one is dated 31st July 1906 and the other 8th August 1906 both with a Northampton postmark.

The intriguing thing about these two postcards are the messages that are obviously written in some  sort of lovers code to stop prying eyes at Gunner COONEY’s barracks!

Postcard 1 front 6 1 16.jpg

Postcard 1 back 6 1 16

Has anyone seen this code writing before and if so can you help to decipher these messages?

Postcard 2 front 6 1 16

Postcard 2 back 6 1 16

I am also interested to try and find out more about Gunner COONEY and his possible WW1 service.

Any help will be greatly appreciated.

Many thanks


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12 Responses to 1906 Postcard lovers secret code!

  1. I won’t take the thrill of cracking Daisy’s code away from your readers. Can’t wait to see the follow up! 😉

  2. Paul Cox says:

    Imagine a substitution code based on hashtag shapes and X shapes, some with dots in, some without….

  3. Paul Cox says:

    It’s substitution code. Imagine two hashtag shapes, one with dots, and 2 X shapes, one with dots. Thats 26 shapes = 26 letters….

  4. True! says:

    I got to read the followup! Secret Love Message! WoW!

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  6. I have no idea what they say but I’d like to find out.

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  8. klaus201 says:

    Here are the solutions:

    Dear Fred,
    just a line to let you know that I arrived in Northampton quite safe.
    Hope you are quite well as it leaves
    meat (?) present with
    ond (?) love from Daisy

    Dear Fred
    I am having a delightful time here. Mr and Mrs Wood send their kind regards to you.
    With fond love and kisses from daisy

    These solutions were found by the readers Thomas and Largo of my blog Klausis Krypto Kolumne.

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