Easton Suffolk WW1 Red Cross Hospital

Following my research into the names on the Framlingham War Memorial, my latest project is investigating the use of Easton Park Mansion in Suffolk as a Red Cross Hospital during World War 1 – I am trying to find out more about the men and women who worked there and also the soldiers that were treated there during the war years.

 Easton Park Mansion postcard 2 11 15

The Framlingham Weekly News newspapers are proving to be an invaluable resource and it is interesting to see that most weeks during the war the Duchess of Hamilton placed a regular thank you column to local people for their contributions and donations to the hospital.

 Framlingham Weekly News - Saturday 29 January 1916

29th January 1916

If anyone has any family stories or memorabilia about Easton Park Mansion and its use as a Red Cross Hospital during World War 1 that they would be willing to share for this project, I would be very pleased to hear from you.

Many thanks

Simon Last

charnwoodresearch@virginmedia.com               www.charnwood-genealogy.com

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2 Responses to Easton Suffolk WW1 Red Cross Hospital

  1. JENNY TODD says:

    Hi Simon

    I’m sending 2 photos of Paul’s Grandfather Henry Todd. He worked at Easton Park before the war. As I’ve said before he died in Egypt in WW1.

    The photos aren’t really very clear, one in the greenhouses and one in the garden. Hope they’re ok.

    Regards Jenny


  2. Hi Jenny

    Many thanks for your message and the information about the photos which is very kind and I look forward to seeing them in due course.

    Best wishes


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