Update: Sister or Sister in Law? – is this a postcard with a family connection!

Further to my blog post last week about a postcard that I had found at an Antiques shop in Suffolk with a family connection, I have been thrilled to make further family connected discoveries over the last few days!

Knowing that many online postcard dealers now list their postcards for sale, not only by the picture on the front, but also by the genealogy surnames on the back I decided to search BANTHORPE postcards on eBay, to see if I could find any matches.

You can’t imagine my delight when some BANTHORPE  results matched and on closer inspection I found that three of them were addressed to a Miss BANTHORPE. Two of these cards were listed with the same seller as ‘Buy It Now’ items, so I took the plunge and bought those two, which arrived in the post yesterday.

The first postcard is dated June 19th 1907 and is addressed to Miss BANTHORPE at Gordon Hospital, Ward No.19, Vauxhall Bridge Road, London

Banthorpe front 1 30 1 16

Banthorpe back 30 1 16

However I know this was my Miss BANTHORPE, as on the bottom left hand side was written ‘Rowanhurst’, the same address as on the card I had found in Suffolk, but even more exciting was the fact that the postcard had been sent by the SLEE family, who Ellen Mary BANTHORPE had been working for on both the 1901 and 1911 census records

Ellen Mary Banthorpe 1901 census

Source Ancestry: 1901 England Census Class; RG13; Piece: 468; Folio: 6; Page: 4

Ellen Mary Banthorpe 1911 census

Source: Ancestry 1911 census Class: RG14; Piece: 2280

The message on the card reads:

With very best wishes for your speedy recovery From F & G SLEE – All quite well

The second postcard was sent on 3rd October 1907 to Miss BANTHORPE C/o Miss SLEE at Rowanhurst, Atkins Road, Clapham Park

Banthorpe front 2 30 1 16

Banthorpe back 2 30 1 16

This card reads:

Dear H, Many thanks for letter and kind wishes. We shall be very pleased to see you on Sunday. What grand weather we are having at present with kind regards from Mr & Mrs C, with love from your friend

It is amazing that I have found a further two BANTHORPE postcards with a family connection, simply from taking the research from my first Suffolk purchase postcard further and I am still watching one more BANTHORPE postcard that the bids end on later tonight – fingers crossed for a winning bid!

The moral of this story is search, search, search, as you never know what you will find with a family connection – when or where!!

Simon LAST

http://www.charnwood-genealogy.com          charnwoodresearch@virginmedia.com

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