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Easton Suffolk WW1 postcard – translation help needed?

As part of my research into the use of Easton Park Mansion in Suffolk as a Red Cross Hospital during World War 1, I have been researching old newspaper articles to try and find mention of specific wounded soldiers’ who … Continue reading

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Another postcard mystery solved – Miss M SHACKLETON of Parham

My latest Parham postcard addition was sent to Miss M (Marg) SHACKLETON, North Green, Parham from George in America in January 1914. I have now researched Miss Marg SHACKLETON a bit further and found a marriage report for her in … Continue reading

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Eggs For Our WW1 Wounded!

Whilst carrying out research for my World War 1 Framlingham and Aldeburgh books, I read many different books and articles on the subject and have always been fascinated by the logistics that would have been involved in transporting the men, … Continue reading

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