Easton Suffolk WW1 postcard – translation help needed?

As part of my research into the use of Easton Park Mansion in Suffolk as a Red Cross Hospital during World War 1, I have been researching old newspaper articles to try and find mention of specific wounded soldiers’ who were treated there, by name.

Easton 4 front 26 2 16

Another way I have been trying to pinpoint these men and nurses whom worked there is to find old postcards sent from Easton during 1914 and 1918, as I know the wounded men kept in contact with their relatives across the country in this way.

I have been lucky in finding two or three such postcards so far and using the names of the recipient and the sender have been able to put family trees and information together.

However one recent postcard that I have found was sent  from Easton park to a Miss Marion A Richards in North Wales with the message in welsh and I am not sure if it relates to a wounded solider or maybe a nurse who was working at the hospital.

Can anyone help me to translate this message to see if it provides any further clues?

Easton 4 back 26 2 16

Easton 4 welsh 26 2 16

It may of course have no relevance to my research at all, but any translation help that anyone can give me, will be very gratefully received and much appreciated.

Many thanks

Simon Last

charnwoodresearch@virginmedia.com    http://www.charnwood-genealogy.com



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2 Responses to Easton Suffolk WW1 postcard – translation help needed?

  1. Denise Jackson says:

    Hi Simon, asked a friend to help. Roughly it says, this is the place. He likes it there. Remember me to father, mother and Eryl who’s going to Scotland. Remember me to everyone in Bethel.

    Best regards, Denise Jackson

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