Death of Lord Kitchener – 5th June 1916

As you will know 2016 is the year that commemorates the 100th anniversary of the Battle of the Somme launched on 1st July 1916, during World War 1.

 Lord Kitchener WW1 poster

However I was also intrigued to learn from some recent research that Lord Kitchener, made famous by the World War 1 recruiting poster above, died only weeks before this on the 5th June 1916, as the Framlingham Weekly News article below reported.

 Framlingham Weekly News Saturday 10th June 1916

Framlingham Weekly News – Saturday 10th June 1916

Lord Kitchener had been aboard the ship H.M.S Hampshire on its way to Russia when it sank west of the Orkneys, hit either by a mine or a torpedo.

Passengers on the afternoon train to Framlingham brought this message that caused a profound shock and the news spread very quickly throughout the town and neighbourhood.

Days long before mobile phones and social media spread the news instantly across the globe!

Simon Last

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