£5000 for an Estimate – Great Skill Competition!

Whilst researching the Framlingham Weekly News newspapers for any articles relating to the Red Cross Hospital in Easton, I found this interesting British Red Cross national fundraising notice from Saturday 11th November 1916.

Framlingham Weekly News - Saturday 11th November 1916

Framlingham Weekly NewsSaturday 11th November 1916

 The British Red Cross were looking to raise funds by asking the public to pay One Shilling and take part in a ‘Great Skills Competition’ to estimate the total number of Marriages and Births that would be registered as occurring in England and Wales during the year 1916 – the prizes would be awarded to those Competitors who sent in on ‘One Form’ estimates nearest to the Official Figures.

Previous year’s figures were given as guidance:

                                              Marriages:                                      Births:

1913   286,583                                  1913   881,890

1914   294,087                                  1914   878,822

1915   360,026                                  1915   814,527

I found it very interesting to note how the number of marriages had increased by 65,939 in 1915 and this was obviously due to the fact of so many young marrying before they went off to fight in World War 1 – however Births in 1915 had decreased by 64,295.

I wonder how these figures changed during 1916?

My challenge now is to see if I can find any information about who won the £5000 and how close they were to the official figures – I will keep you updated!

Simon Last

charnwoodresearch@virginmedia.com     www.charnwood-genealogy.com


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