Intriguing WW1 photograph – George WALTERS & family Wellisford Cottages Wellington Somerset

Regular readers of this blog will know that when visiting car boot sales and antique fairs I try to find old postcards and photographs with a WW1 connection that I can research and possibly reunite with a family member.

On my travels during the summer I have recently found the photograph below taken at a Photographers in Wellington in Somerset, which had some fascinating detail on the back:




Geo. WALTERS and family taken July 1916 – Wellisford Cottage, Wellisford Manor, Nr Wellington, Somerset.

I therefore wondered if the young man in uniform was George WALTERS photographed with his family before he set off for WW1.


Can anyone identify this cap badge?

However in the same box of old photographs I found another photograph, as below, with the name Geo. WALTERS also written on the front taken at a Photographers in Harpurhey.


Looking at this young man he bared more resemblance to the older man sitting in the photograph above – is this the same man?

I have therefore tried to find a George WALTERS in Somerset, possibly on the 1911 census, and although I can find several men with that name in the County I can not tie down a record as yet, that would fit with the possible ages of the children also shown in the photograph – also I think it is his wife also seated and possibly her mother standing behind, as again they look very similar.

If the second photograph is the same man Harpurhey is an inner-city area of  Manchester in North West England, approximately three miles north east of the city centre.

Did George WALTERS grow up and marry there and move to Somerset at a later date?

I can find various mentions of Wellisford Manor in old newspapers online and of the various families that have lived there over the years, but no mention of the WALTERS family at this stage – did George possibly work on the estate and live in a tied cottage?

I am therefore hoping that any readers of this blog who are located in Somerset or know of Wellisford Manor and / or Wellisford Cottage, may be able to provide me with some additional information – are there WALTERS graves in the churchyard for example.

Any help will be gratefully received, as it is a lovely old photograph and it would be great if it could be reunited with a  family member or descendant of the George WALTERS!

Simon Last   

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5 Responses to Intriguing WW1 photograph – George WALTERS & family Wellisford Cottages Wellington Somerset

  1. Phil says:

    You could try to compare the two faces at different ages

  2. Tim Moreman says:

    Interesting problem! Can you do a close up of his cap badge – Somerset Light Infantry or some other regiment? Unlikely but this might prove an avenue of approach… Tim

  3. Janice Brown says:

    It looks like the same man to me, same shape of his face, which is not common. I am not familiar with British badges sadly.

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