More Easton WW1 postcards discovered!

Following a visit to a Postcard and Paper Fair in Tolworth in Surrey earlier this week, I was pleased to discover two more old postcards sent during World War 1 from Easton Mansion in Suffolk.

Having researched and written about the use of this Mansion as a Red Cross Hospital during the World War 1 earlier this year, I am always fascinated to find cards sent with messages from the wounded soldiers who were treated there.


The first postcard must have been sent in an envelope, as unfortunately it has no postal address on it, but it is dated 11th January 1918 and is sent to Bill from Arthur with the following message:

Easton Park, Wickham Market, Suffolk

Dear Bill

Just a line to wish you many Happy Returns. The above is my address for some time yet. It is the residence of the party who sent me to Ventnor. I am feeling pretty good just now.

Its pretty lively here as there are about 60 wounded Tommies & they keep things moving some.

That’s all just now, so will close with Best Wishes

From Your Sincere Chum



It is great to see Arthur refer to the others with him as Tommies and I wonder what the connection to Ventnor was?

The second postcard was sent to Mrs DIVER, 11 Ruskin Street, Briton Ferry in  Glamorgan in South Wales and is postmarked 23rd November 1917 – unfortunately the message is very small and not easy to read – however it appears to be sent to a Nance from Bob.



I have been able to find the DIVER family living at 11 Ruskin Avenue in Briton Ferry in the 1911 census, as below and the head of house is Robert J DIVER aged 37 a Rigger – this fits with Bob as the sender of the postcard.


Source: 1911 Wales Census – Source Citation Class: RG14; Piece: 32622; Schedule Number: 122

The other household members are his wife Annie aged 34 and they have been married for four years and have a son called Ralph aged two. Could Nance be a nickname for Annie?

More investigation needed and I will update further in due course.

Thanks for all the support of my blog posts this year and wishing you all a very Happy New Year.

Simon Last 


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