Another long shot, but could you have a connection to any of these old photographs?

In November 2015 I posted a blog post trying to reunite some old photographs I had  found when visiting a car boot sale in Bristol – sadly none of the photographs had names on them, although a few had numbers and they were all from various photographic studios.

Well amazingly I was able to reunite one of these photographs with a  descendant of one of these photographers STILLIARD & Co, which was a fantastic result and was a great surprise to the lady’s father, as she gave it to him as a surprise gift.

Therefore I have decide to post some more old photographs I have recently found hoping for the same result!

Could you have a connection?

Do you recognise a familiar face from your own family tree?

Do you have a particular interest in any of the photographic studios shown?

If you do please get in touch, as I would love to reunite any of the photographs if possible – although I know this is a long shot!!

5        5a

Wesleyan Methodist Photographer Portrait Gallery


  2  1

Hollis & Sons



Sydney Victor WHITE & Ernest E WHITE Reading and Basingstoke



Eastbourne Photographic Company – Clapham Common London


I hope to hear from someone with a  connection and will keep you updated!!

Simon Last        





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