Do you have a link to these Ipswich photographs?

Amongst my other finds at the Fair in Woking on Saturday were two old photographs both taken by photographers in Ipswich in Suffolk.

The first was taken by WHITEHEAD and has the name Mrs Edwin MAKIN written in pencil on the back – are you related to a MAKIN family with links to Ipswich in Suffolk?

MAKIN front 13 5 17

MAKIN back 13 5 17

The second was taken by H WALTERS of 117 Crown Street in Ipswich and on the back is written lent by F PRATT – was this for a local Ipswich display and somehow the photograph did not make its way back to the lender.

Ipswich front 13 5 17

Ipswich back 13 5 17

Do you know an F PRATT?

If you can provide any information or could have any links to these Ipswich Suffolk photographs it would be great to hear from you.

Simon LAST

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