I Don’t Care I Kissed Her – Another Easton WW1 Postcard

As part of my Easton WW1 Red Cross Hospital research I am always on the lookout for old postcards that have been sent by the soldiers who were recovering in the Suffolk village away from the frontline trenches in France and Belgium.

I have recently fund this old postcard that seems to indicate a possible romance between a soldier and his nurse, as the front of the card says – I Don’t Care I Kissed Her.

However as the postcard must have been sent in an envelope I have no idea of the name of the young lady he was sending it too…

Easton front 17 1 18

The reverse of the postcard reads as follows:

Easton – Thursday evening

Dear Nurse,

Thanks so much for your letter. Yes I am better off than if I was in France, but I am fed up already and this is only my second day. I hope I shall see you on Saturday. I am in No. 1 ward, but am carried outside on the lawn by the tennis courts, bed and all, every day, so that is where I shall be if you should have time to look in, I shall be very pleased to see you.

Life is as usual here Nurse G Green was on duty last night & Tuesday night, Mrs Taylor again tonight.

Well, goodbye and be good,

Yours sincerely


Easton reverse 17 1 18

Again because the sender has only included his initials I have no idea who this soldier was and unfortunately there is no date either , so this possible romance will remain a complete mystery for evermore.

How different must it have been to suddenly arrive from the hell of the frontline WW1 trenches to be at a mansion in Suffolk being carried out onto the lawn to sit by the tennis courts!!

Easton postcard front 19 9 17

Simon Last



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