Brother William Carleton BARRETT – Reuniting a face with a name on a fantastic WW1 project!

Following a fascinating and informative AGRA (Association of Genealogists and Researchers in Archives) visit to Freemasons Hall in London last month, I was therefore intrigued to recently find this lovely photographic postcard with lots of information written on the back!

William Carleton BARRETT postcard front

The photograph states the following:

Brother William Carleton BARRETT Captain in Merchant Services

Initiated in St Botolph’s Lodge 10th October 1892

Drowned 22nd May 1917 – Boat torpedoed by German Submarine in Channel during Great War 1914-18

The only Brother lost by St Botolph’s Lodge 588

William Carleton BARRETT postcard reverse

During our visit to Freemasons Hall Susan the Archivist and Records Manager very kindly welcomed enquires about any Masonic connections we found during future research and when I contacted her earlier this week she was very helpful in providing further avenues of research I could pursue.

One of the most interesting leads was the link to the ‘The Masonic Great War Project’ where she said that there was already an online profile containing lots of information about William Carleton BARRETT, his family and life, but unfortunately there was no photograph available to be linked to this profile.

I have now contacted the website project directly and offered copies of the photograph to be added to his profile and if no relative can be found to reunite the photograph, Freemasons Hall have expressed their interest in adding it to their ever growing archive.

Here is the link to the  The Masonic Great War Project , but in the meantime here are a few details about William Carleton BARRETT that you may find interesting:

William Carleton BARRETT was the son of James Carleton BARRETT, Surgeon, R.N. of Baltimore, Ireland; At the time he joined Freemasonry in 1892 he was living at 2 Park Road Villas, Peterborough and is listed as a Captain in the Merchant Marine Service. He married Letitia Kate SUMNER in 1899 and one daughter Eileen born on 7th October 1896, but who unfortunately died young on 16th November 1901.

To find out more about his Masonic and Naval career please follow the link above……

As always I find it very rewarding when these old photographic postcard finds can be reunited with a  family member or indeed add a face to information in other researcher’s projects and on their websites.

Simon Last

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