Caught on camera – the LINDLEY family in mourning

Another recent fascinating old photograph find was an image of a family in mourning around a grave and tending flowers, which once again someone had kindly written names on the back of.


The photograph shows Charles LINDLEY and his three children Richard Henry Noel, Evangeline and Louisa at the grave of Catherine LINDLEY.



Initial research shows that Catherine LINDLEY was the wife of Charles and the motehr of Richard, Evangeline and Louisa and sadly she died in the October quarter of 1877 aged 64 in the Hackney Registration District in London.

I have found the LINDLEY family on the 1861 census, as below,  which shows Charles aged 45, Catherine aged 48, Louisa aged 17, Richard aged 9 and and Eva (Evangeline) aged 8 and they were living in Chorlton upon Medlock in Lancashire.

LINDLEY 1861 census

Source Citation: Class: RG 9; Piece: 2884; Folio: 56; Page: 16; GSU roll: 543044 Source Information: 1861 England Census 

More research is needed to discover more about the LINDLEY family, but I have found this old photograph absolutely mesmerizing and in time would like to find where the grave was located and visit to see if it is till in place after all these years.

I will update in due course, but in the meantime as always if anyone has a family connection to the LINDLEY family please make contact, as it would be great to reunite it if possible!

Simon LAST

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4 Responses to Caught on camera – the LINDLEY family in mourning

  1. Sarndra says:

    Hi Simon. Saw your post on twitter then came here. Noted that Abney Park Cemetery is noted on the back of the photograph as shown above. Went to the Abney Park Trust site, registered and did a grave search. Yes they are there – Catherine (1813-1877) Charles (1816 – buried 14 March 1900) and another LINDLEY, Mary Ann (1814 – buried 18 September 1851) in a different plot.

    Is this cemetery near you? It would be fascinating to see it now.

    Cheers from Auckland, New Zealand and have a wonderful New Year

    • Hi Sarndra, many thanks for your message that is fantastic research and I will have to see how close Abney Park Cemetery is to me here in Essex, as I would love to visit and take a current photo. The image I found is so evocative and moving and I hope I can find a living family connection. I will keep you updated. All best wishes Simon

  2. Claire says:

    Abney Park Cemetery is listed on the Find A Grave website, with 32,968 memorials added, unfortunately no mention (yet) of the LINDLEY name.

  3. Amazing picture, and amazing to see the grave as it was when it was new (and with others visible around it). Abney Park is a beautiful cemetery in Stoke Newington; well worth a visit

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