Looking for relatives of the HENDRY family from Crimplesham in Norfolk!

A few months ago I bought a bundle of sixteen old Memorial cards from a Postcard Fair in Bury St Edmunds in Suffolk and thought they would be interesting to research in due course and to feature in blog posts.

It is only this week that I have had the time to look at them in more detail and I have found that one of them remembering Charlotte Elizabeth HENDRY who fell asleep on 7th September 1930 aged 71, also has the original newspaper report from her funeral at Crimplesham Church in Norfolk folded up neatly inside.

HENDRY Death card 2.jpg


This report is fascinating as it includes thee names of all the mourners, including many family members and is a great resource for family research – it also gives some lovely personal information about Charlotte and her life, as follows:

Miss Charlotte Elizabeth HENDRY who passed away in her 72nd year – Of a quiet and unassuming temperament, the deceased lady was nevertheless an ardent churchwoman, and for many years, until illness prevented her, she was a regular teacher in the Sunday school. She could always be relied upon to give assistance in the social affairs of the village …….


Charlotte Elizabeth HENDRY was born on the 11th December 1858 in Wimbotsham Parish in Norfolk and her baptism record from 17th July 1859 names her parents as Henry Thomas HENDRY and Martha ALLFLATT.

Therefore after discovering this information I was thrilled to find that the Memorial cards for Charlotte’s parents Henry HENDRY who died on 8th September 1900 and Martha HENDRY who died on 8th April 1906 are also among the cards that I purchased.



Charlotte, Henry and Martha HENDRY are all interred in the cemetery at Crimplesham in Norfolk and it would be great to find relatives of the family who may be interested in being reunited with these family heirlooms.

Also among the Memorial cards are the names George HENDRY who died on 9th February 1889 and Elizabeth Everett HENDRY who died on 7th March 1933 and is interred in North Road Cemetery in Southend on Sea, where I live. From some initial research Elizabeth Everett HENDRY’s maiden name was HARROD and she married Willie HENDRY in Maldon Essex Registration District in the September quarter of 1899.



The other cards feature different surnames, which could also be related to the wider HENDRY family, but without compiling a full family tree at this stage I have not made those connections as yet.

Therefore if anyone has a proven connection or link to the HENDRY family from Crimplesham in Norfolk, I would be delighted to hear from you and hopefully these lovely old cards can be reunited with the HENDRY family history archive!

Simon LAST



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