Beautiful WW1 photograph of the LOADES family from Norwich in Norfolk – are you related?

I recently found this beautiful old family photograph postcard which immediately sparked my interest because of the military uniforms the young men are wearing, so imagine my delight when I turned it over and saw that all the family names were written on the back!

LOADES family Photo

The names on the back were Joseph Robert LOADES, Caroline, Harry LOADES, Sidney Joseph and Alice Kate, but unfortunately there was no photographer named to try and work out a geographical location.

LOADES family Photo reverse

However on entering into the internet the name Joseph Robert LOADES, who appeared to be the father in the photograph, I quickly found the 1911 census record for the LOADES family, that showed that they lived in Norwich in Norfolk.

The 1911 census, as below, showed Joseph Robert LOADES as the head of the family aged 50 occupation a Piano Forte Tuner, Caroline his wife aged 47 and three sons Sidney Joseph aged 20, Walter Harry aged 16 and Reginald Ernest aged 13 – the family were living at 24 Brunswick Street in Norwich.

LOADES 1911 Census

Source Citation: Class: RG14; Piece: 11323; Schedule Number: 383 Source Information: 1911 England Census

Joseph and Caroline had been married for 21 years and had had four children, one of whom had sadly died.

I then found the marriage record for Joseph Robert LOADES to Caroline CHATTON, as below, on 25th April 1889 in Swaffham in Norfolk – Joseph’s father is named as Benjamin Titter LOADES and Caroline’s as John  CHATTON.

LOADES Marriage certificate

Source Citation: Norfolk Record Office; Norwich, Norfolk, England; Reference: PD 52/490 Source Information: Norfolk, England, Church of England Marriages and Banns, 1754-1940

The baptism records for their sons show that Sidney was born on 9th October 1890, Walter was born on 14th March 1895 and Reginald was born on 16th August 1897.

I could not locate Alice Kate at first, but then found that Sidney Joseph LOADES married Alice Kate PERKINS in the April quarter of 1917 in Norwich in Norfolk, which helps to date the photo to the middle of World War 1.

Seeing that the young men in the photograph were wearing uniforms I wanted to see if I could discover any information about their military service during World War 1 and quite quickly found that Walter Harry LOADES was killed in action on 11th September 1918, only a few months before the end of the war.

He was originally in the Norfolk Regiment, but later a Private in the Machine Gun Corps with Regimental number 42138 – the records show that he died at home, so maybe he was brought home from the front line with injuries.

Therefore it would not have been many months after this family photograph was taken that he was sadly killed.

Sidney Joseph LOADES survived the war and I have found that he died in June 1978 aged 87 in Norwich in Norfolk – his brother Reginald Ernest died in 1956 in Cambridgeshire and his father Joseph Robert died in March 1939 also in Norwich in Norfolk.

Below is the World War 1 Medal Card of Walter Harry LOADES:

LOADES WW1 Medal card

Source Information: British Army WWI Medal Rolls Index Cards, 1914-1920 [database on-line]. Provo, UT, USA: Operations Inc, 2008.

Original data: Army Medal Office. WWI Medal Index Cards. In the care of The Western Front Association website.

As always if anyone has a proven connection to the LOADES family it would be fantastic to reunite this beautiful old photograph with a family member if possible.

Simon LAST


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3 Responses to Beautiful WW1 photograph of the LOADES family from Norwich in Norfolk – are you related?

  1. Sidney? I can’t quite work out his uniform. Looks like an officer

  2. Pat Pass says:

    I went to school in Norwich with a Cynthia Loades from Downham Market , Norfolk b c1936,

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