Reginald Stephen COPLESTON Bishop of Colombo – an unexpected family photograph find!!

At the recent Shepton Mallet Postcard Fair there were several stalls selling old family photographs, as well as postcards, and as always I was on the search for any with writing or clues on the back!

On one stall I was immediately attracted by a beautiful family group photograph which showed several generations of what seemed to be one family and also included two men wearing ‘dog collars’

COPLESTON Photograph

– so imagine my delight when I turned it over to discover lots of writing and information about the people in the photograph!

COPLESTON Photograph reverse

The writing showed the family name to be COPLESTON and mentioned references to the Bishop of Colombo and the Judicial Commissioner, so before searching Ancestry for family trees containing the COPLESTON name I googled Bishop of Colombo and immediately found a whole Wikipedia page about Reginald Stephen COPLESTON and his family, career and even a photograph of him that matched with my photograph – to discover more on the family click this link COPLESTON Family

I then looked on Ancestry to see if I could find any family trees researching the COPLESTON family and although I found a couple of matches and messaged them, they seem to be quite distant connections at this stage.

My aim now is to find an Archive or Museum that would like to add this beautiful COPLESTON family photograph to their history of the family, so that it can be given a much wider audience – unfortunately there is no photographers name , location or date, but I am sure with more research it could be dated quite accurately.

I wonder who it belonged to and how it ended up at a Postcard Fair in Somerset!

Therefore if anyone knows where it could receive a very good new home please get in touch with me.

Many thanks

Simon LAST

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3 Responses to Reginald Stephen COPLESTON Bishop of Colombo – an unexpected family photograph find!!

  1. Lambeth Palace Library might be interested, i see his wife was the daughter of an Archbishop too

  2. 1pnoe says:

    Hi Simon, I have become the Copleston “Famly Historian” since i took on all of Muriel reson’s reasearch many years ago. Although not a museum, I have amassed many Copleston photos, letters and artifacts. My web site is I also have a facebook page where many Copleston’s have and are joining. If You still have the photo please let me know and we can work something out. Regards Paul Copleston.

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