Are you connected to the GEER family from Barnet?

Whilst at Battlesbridge Antiques Centre in Essex on Tuesday meeting up with my lovely friend Lynn from Lynn’s Waffles Blog we were both searching for old postcards and photographs, when we discovered two old shoe-boxes full of them!

Among them I found this beautiful old baby photograph which had written on the back – Martyn Edward GEER aged 5 months and 3 days 28th June 1924 – the photograph had been taken by McLennan 110 High Street in North Finchley.

Martyn Edward GEER

Martyn Edward GEER 1

After some quick investigation I discovered that Martyn Edward GEER ‘s birth was registered in the January quarter of 1924 in Barnet Registration District and that his mother’s maiden name was COLLINS.

The only GEER to COLLINS marriage that I have found so far is in the October quarter of 1916 in the Isle of Wight between Charles A GEER and Nora A COLLINS and from this marriage the birth of a son Augustus N GEER in the January quarter of 1918 again in the Isle of Wight.

If anyone has a link to the GEER family it would be great to reunite this lovely old photograph with a family member.

Simon LAST

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2 Responses to Are you connected to the GEER family from Barnet?

  1. So pleased you’ve found a match for him!😃x

  2. autumnmiss61 says:

    Oh i wish i’d known you were meeting up I only live a short way from Battlesbridge. You did well finding those photos, i came up empty a few weeks back when we went.
    Gill book_magpie on Twitter

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