Do you have a LUCKETT from Reading in your family tree?

One of my recent old photograph postcard finds was this lovely old image of a mother and son and on the back although there were no names there was an address and a month and year:

LUCKETT Photo front

The reverse of the postcard had the address 61 Coventry Road Reading and the date June 1917 – would this be enough to identify the lady and boy in the photograph?

LUCKETT Photo reverse

I decided that my fist area of reach would be the 1911 census and I quickly found the address 61 Coventry Road in Reading, which showed the family LUCKETT living at the address, as below:

LUCKETT 1911 Census

Source Citation: Class: RG14; Piece: 6602; Schedule Number: 316 Source Information: 1911 England Census

The family were William LUCKETT aged 26, Elizabeth LUCKETT aged 27 and Frank LUCKETT aged 2 – William and Elizabeth had been married for three years and only had one child Frank, Williams occupation was a Clerk at the Huntley and Palmer Biscuit factor in Reading – could this be the mother and child in the photograph?

There is more information here Huntley & Palmers Biscuit Factory

William Augustus LUCKETT married Elizabeth BUSBY in the October quarter of 1907 in Henley Registration District in Oxfordshire and Frank William LUCKETT was born in the October quarter of 1908 again in Henley Registration District in Oxfordshire.

I then searched the 1939 World War 2 Registers for the address 61 Coventry Road in Reading and found that William and Elizabeth LUCKETT were still living at the same address and with them were two boys Leslie and Hubert – were they Grandchildren?

LUCKETT 1939 Register

Source Citation: The National Archives; Kew, London, England; 1939 Register; Reference: RG 101/2039A Source Information: 1939 England and Wales Register

Frank William LUCKETT married Gladys M VIVIAN in the July quarter of 1930 in Reading Registration District and they had a son Anthony N V LUCKETT in the October quarter of 1931, so who were the two children above living with William and Elizabeth in 1939.

On further investigation it turned out that Leslie C LUCKETT born in the January quarter of 1920 and Hubert R LUCKETT born in the April quarter of 1926 were in fact brothers of Frank William LUCKETT.

Frank William LUCKETT died in the April quarter of 1955 in Reading Registration District aged 55.

Do you have a family connection to the LUCKETT or VIVIAN families, if so please send me a message as it would be great to reunite this lovely old photograph with a family member if possible.

Many thanks

Simon LAST

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