Do you have CREED’s from Norfolk or WILDSMITH’s from Warwickshire in your family tree?

A lovely old photograph I found on my travels in London in 2018 was of a young man with the name Stanley Norman CREED 13 years written at the bottom.

CREED photo

CREED photo writing

It is such a good clear photograph I decided to buy it to research later – during the current lock-down I have discovered it again and have now decided to see what I can discover about the CREED family.

I quickly found that Norman Stanley CREED’s birth was registered in the October to November quarter of 1902 in the Hendon Registration District in Middlesex and his baptism took place on the 17th November 1907 when he was aged 5 and his date of birth was confirmed as 14th August 1902.

I then discovered the BREED family on the 1911 census, as below, living at 11 Malden Road in Boreham Wood in Hertfordshire – Stanley CREED was aged 9 and living with his parents Thomas and Agnes CREED both aged 51 and his siblings Fred aged 14 and Queenie aged 12. Thomas was a Coachman and had been married to Agnes for 30 years and they had had eight children, 2 of who had died.

CREED 1911 census

Source Citation: Class: RG14; Piece: 7131; Schedule Number: 156 Source Information: 1911 England Census

 Thomas CREED was born in Norfolk and Agnes in Leamington Spa in Warwickshire – using this information I found the marriage of Thomas CREED to Agnes WILDSMITH in the July to September quarter of 1882 in Warwick Registration District.

I then looked for more information about Stanley and could find nothing apart from a death record in the January quarter of 1916 in Downham Registration District in Norfolk – as his father Thomas had been born in Norfolk there was a link to this county.

Quickly I discovered that Stanley’s mother Agnes CREED nee WILDSMITH had died in the July quarter of 1912 aged 53 in Hertfordshire, so maybe Thomas had moved back to Norfolk to be closer to his family.

The sad thing is Stanley Norman CREED was aged 13 when he died and that is the age written on the old photograph I found – so is this a photograph of him taken when he was a bit younger and written on and kept as a memorial to him when he died aged only 13?

I have searched the old newspaper archives online to see if I can find any information about Stanley, but unfortunately nothing so far.

Therefore if anyone has a family li k to the CREED family from Norfolk or the WILDSMITH family from Warwickshire please send me a message as I would love to reunite this old photograph with a family member if possible.

I look forward to hearing from you….

Thank you

Simon LAST

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