You never think it’s going to happen to you – old family photograph find!!

Well what an amazing start to my Saturday morning!!

As you know I blog about old photographs and postcards that I have found and researched hoping to reunite them with a family member if possible and I now also have several friends who do this too,

These friends regularly post on social media including Twitter, Instagram, Facebook etc. and I always check their latest postings to share and retweet – therefore imagine my delight this morning when on checking my lovely friend @LynnsWPics Twitter feed to see the following post:

Lynn 6

I immediately had goosebumps as the old wedding photograph taken in Suffolk was of own LAST family and showed my Great Aunt and Uncle Augustus (Gussy) and Rose WARNER nee LAST when they married at St Michaels Church in Framlingham in Suffolk on the 14th December 1935.

I immediately contacted Lynn who told me she had never found a photograph belonging to someone she knew before and she was amazed like me and she very kindly gave me permission to share the photograph with you all.

Lynn 4

Lynn 2

The wedding was unusual and made the local newspapers as it was a double wedding of two sisters Rose and Violet LAST marrying two brother Augustus and Albert WARNER and I have the following newspaper article and other photographs from the wedding.

Newspaper Report of Double Wedding Framlingham

Last Double wedding 1935

It just goes to show that although you always think it will never happen to you it does and I now know well the feeling that the relatives I have reunited old photographs and postcards with must feel!!

Many thanks @LynnsWPics you have really made my day!!

Simon LAST

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7 Responses to You never think it’s going to happen to you – old family photograph find!!

  1. I saw the tweets earlier. This is fantastic.

  2. cowhampshire says:

    How wonderful! With all the photographs you’ve shared it must feel nice now to have someone share with you! Kudos to people who share photos, they really connect us so much more closely to those names in our family tree.

  3. Toni Neobard says:

    That is so lovely. All those efforts you have made on behalf of strangers to reunite them with photographs, and now it has happened for you. Never was it more deserved! Toni x

  4. Michael says:

    Now that’s a fantastic find! There’s always hope.

  5. JeDohert says:

    Love the story and share your goosebumps. Here’s hoping I also will have such an experience.

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