Continuation: Great Grandmother Edith Rosa SINCLAIR research and links to the BOYS and POULETT families

Back in 2017 I wrote two blog posts about smashing my own ‘Brick Wall’ into my missing Great Grandmother Edith Rosa SINCLAIR and the connections I had finally made into her mother Clara Martha BOYS and her family – however I had been unable to make any links to the SINCLAIR surname.

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Edith Rosa SINCLAIR my Great Grandmother and my Grandmother Doris Edith Crisp SINCLAIR

I took an Ancestry DNA test in the hope that this might provide some additional information and help me to discover more about these links – however although I have had many DNA links all the confirmed ones so far have been through my father’s LAST and DIX lines and my mother’s Polish BIALOSIEWICZ family.

Therefore I have been drawn back into the paper records again to reexamine all the information I already had and to see if any new documents have appeared in the meantime.

On my Great Grandmother Edith Rosa SINCLAIR’s birth certificate in 1881 her father was named as William Henry SINCLAIR a Lamp maker and her mother as Clara Martha SINCLAIR formerly BOYS – their address was shown as 3 Garden Row in Kennington Park Road in Lambeth – as already mentioned in my earlier blog post I had also found a half-sister for Edith called Alice Clara BOYS whose father was named as William Henry POULETT a Gentleman and her mother as Clara Martha BOYS and she was living at the same address 3 Garden Row, Kennington Park Road in Lambeth.

Edith Rosa SINCLAIR birth certificate 5th November 1881 father William Henry SINCLAIR

Alice Clara BOYS birth certificate 20th July 1868 father William Henry POULETT

These two daughters were born born thirteen years apart but both father’s has the same christian names William Henry – was this just a coincidence and I could find no evidence of a marriage of Clara Martha BOYS to a William Henry SINCLAIR between 1868 and 1881.

I then decided to investigate the name William Henry POULETT further, although as I know not a direct ancestor of mine, the fact that his occupation was a Gentleman would hopefully narrow down the research.

The only William Henry POULETT that I could find to possibly match came as a bit of a shock as he was an Earl and Peer of the Realm born about 1827 and who died in 1899 aged 72 – he married three times and had several children by his wives, however I could find non evidence of Clara Martha BOYS having worked for him using the census records.

On the 1871 census Clara was aged 25 and working as a Mantle Maker living with her mother Martha BOYS a Laundress and her two year old daughter Alice Clara living at 3 Garden Row – did Clara know William Henry POULETT.

William Henry POULETT had married his second wife Emma Sophia JOHNSON in July 1871 not long after his first wife Elizabeth Lavinia NEWMAN had died – his second wife Emma died in 1876 and he married for a third time in 1879 to Rosa MELVILLE – had he some how known Clara in 1867 to conceive Alice and would her mother have put her father’s name in full if she had not been certain it was him!!

I ordered the Will for William Henry POULETT after he died in 1899 to see if it held any additional clues, but unfortunately as expected it did not and I then decided to look at the old newspapers online.

I found two very interesting articles, as below, about the POULETT Peerage in 1899 and the headline on one was POULETT Earldom – Organ Grinder as Claimant – this referred to William Henry POULETT’s son William Turnour Thomas POULETT by his first wife whose legitimacy was in dispute – it would therefore seem that during his life and after his death there was lots of analysis of his wives and children.

Lloyd’s Weekly Newspaper – Sunday 29th January 1899

Graphic – Saturday 4th February 1899

I cannot prove that there is a definite link to the POULETT family and as my DNA will not be a match in any way, I will probably never know, but it is a fascinating story and would be amazing to have family links to nobility somewhere in the family tree!!

If any new evidence does come to light I will post a new update accordingly.

Simon LAST

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